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At our friendly practice located in the medical centre in Pelkovenstr. 143 (Mona Shoppingcenter) in Munich, we offer services in the field of integrative medicine and general medical care. For us, integrative medicine means combining the latest methods of orthodox medicine with the rich experience gained from complementary medicine such as naturopathic and traditional Chinese remedies.

We focus on you the patient and tailor our approach to your specific physical, mental and emotional condition. A thorough initial consultation ensures that we have a sound basis for a meaningful and reliable diagnosis and can offer you prompt treatment suited to your individual needs.

True to the motto “Together we are strong”, we offer a multi-disciplinary service based on the common language of integrative medicine. Constant training helping us to broaden our expertise is the cornerstone of our work.

Our multilingual staff speak, among other languages, German, Kurdish, Farsi and, of course, English. This enables us to guarantee you a thorough diagnosis free of language barriers.
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